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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

my end of year degree show.

This last week I have been exhibiting with my lovely fellow graduates at the end of year degree show at Staffordshire University. the opening evening was so fun, it was lovely to show friends and family what i've been busy doing for the past three/four years and it was inspiring to see everyones hard work finally on show.
since the open evening i've been busy looking after the degree show on shifts with my friends. it's been nice to sit down and admire everyones designs, whilst having a natter with the genral public and drinking lots of cups of tea. whilst we were attending the show we had lots of times to take pictures, below are images of my own degree show and my friends alongside their shows too.

since bringing down the show i have been photographing all my portfolio ready to name and file away ready for New Designers next week. in an attempt to become a completely organised and efficient designer for London i have brought a filofax and have been reasured by my boyfriend and friends that this is the way forward. i wasn't very interested untill i saw the patterns and colours they came in! now i can't wait to write in it.

P.S. more images of my degree show duvet and lots more portfolio work coming soon. x

my degree show bed.

                                                   me and my bed.

my name (and degree!).

my cupboard of buisness cards & coordinating designs.

meg & her height chart.

liv & her lamps. 

lisa & her fabric lengths.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my duvet preview.

This is a sneaky peak of my duvet i have designed and had printed, if you would like to see it in person i can introduce you both at the end of year degree show at Staffordshire University in Stoke-On-Trent which opens this Friday evening for one week or at New Designers at the end of the month. If you would also like a peek through my portfolio of my work from the past two years, i can happily show you. I will post some tasters of my new designs from this year in the next couple of days. Until then, if you would like to meet me, see my work or have a chat please email me at to arrange a meeting and i will be ecstatic to talk to you.

my sketch book pages of trends.

My name is chloe and i am an excess compulsive hoarder of everything! although i'm a very tidy one so i think that makes it better! I love to collect anything that i think may be useful which is more a less everything i come across, especially magazine cuttings and clothing labels. I tear out things that i like and when i have a full box i make trends in my sketchbook of colours and themes that i then later use in my future briefs. Below are a selection of pages from my trend sketch books.

my previous briefs. 2010

This was a very short brief that i worked on last year. I created a series of drawings working towards designs for a collection of scarves. My theme was based upon British London heritage, and I used watercolor, small amounts of collage and simple linear drawings to create quirky drawings of medals and british icons. Below are a few samples of my drawings.


my previous briefs. 2010

This was a very short live brief for a series of greetings cards for ''Tigerprint'' last year in 2010. I looked at a pick & mix sweets and carousal horses theme which was based towards a younger female target market. I worked with watercolours and painted out block colour, then working back into them with pen and embossment. I followed a pastel colour palette that had hints of peaches, cherry reds and lime greens which i predicted as being a key trend last summer spring. Below are a sample of pages from my sketch book, working towards my collection.

my business cards.

This morning i picked up 1000 of these lovely things, all ready for the degree show on Friday. I used drawings from one of my past canvas bag projects and used a similar colour palette that will be showcasing in the degree show. They also debut a picture of Tammy my dog, i use her unthinkingly a lot in my work and have decided she is now some what of a logo for my designs. I typed the wording on my trusty Olivetti typewriter and scanned it in, changing the colour to more of a dark grey so it wouldn't contrast so much with the pastel palette. I can't wait to start handing them out!

my first blog post.

So this is my first ever blog post! i love reading through other designer blogs for inspiration so i hope i'm giving something back to you all by creating my own, and that we can all bounce some creative ideas off each other. I'm planning on sharing everything creative with you on here, from my personal designs, inspirations, fellow designer/makers and generally anything i like in between.

The last couple of months have been very hectic as i have been finishing off my Surface Pattern Design Ba (HONS) degree at Staffordshire University. The course and the lecturers have been amazing and during the last four years i have learnt so much, it really has been invaluable and has opened my eyes to all things pattern. I'm very sad to leave but so excited to begin my journey in the designing world.

Since having my final assessments i have been preparing for the end of year degree show exhibition at Staffordshire University which opens this Friday evening at 6 o'clock as well as New Designers which begins later this month. I'm very excited for the grand opening and can't wait to see all my lovely fellow classmates work, as well as the other specialist areas in the university. It's well worth a peek if your in or even out the area!